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Cart2Cart  I imported products with your one-time import plan. It was quite alright, for now the store functions fluently and all products are imported correctly. I consider using your scheduled import option, hope it works well ...  Cart2Cart
Silvia Fox



Supported versions: 1.3.x - 2.2.x

File2Cart is a powerful automated shopping cart import service. It is designed to quickly import products, product images, categories, manufacturers and other data from external .xml, txt and .csv files to CS-Cart. It’s fast, accurate and affordable. No data loss, no extra efforts.

CS-Cart is a fully customizable web application for building and operating an online store. It includes built-in content management tool, an intuitive Admin Control Panel and Block Management feature. The platform allows making change in the store fast with an AJAX-based web interface. You can create as many admin accounts as you want and set different access levels to each.

CS-Cart is pretty generous in terms of catalogue management. It provides with an unlimited number of products and categories to be added to the store. Apart from that, with CS-Cart store owners can write up meta tags and generate Google Sitemap on their own. All is made for effective search engine optimization of your store website. Just as it is.

Update of Existing Products Supported

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How is CS-Cart supported by File2Cart shopping cart import service?

Supported Entities*  
Information about all the items in the store, e.g. Product Title, Description, Model, Created Time, Modified Time, Available, Weight, Quantity, Default Price, Special Price, Tax Class, etc.
Product Images
Images, describing each particular product in the store.
Product Extra Fields
Supplementary fields, having no exact meanings, that do not affect the product price. E.g. dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes.
Product Attributes
Supplementary fields, having several meanings, that may affect the product price. E.g. Size, Style, Color, Material, Battery Life, Processor Speed, etc.
Product Variants
Specific item variations that, when grouped together, form a particular product. Those variations differ from one another in one or several properties, e.g. small, red t-shirt is one product variant of the shirt product.
Major groups of products in the store.
Category Images
Images constituting specific product categories.
Information about all product manufacturers, e.g. Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
* The eventual combinations of supported entities depend on the actual variation of source and target shopping carts as well as their settings.

Additional Options  
Delete current data from the Target Store before the import  
Preserve order IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  
Preserve customer IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  
Create product variants based on the junctions of product attribute values (+$25)  
Strip HTML from category and product names (+$29)  

Please note! When the import process is completed all registered customers will have to use password recovery form on the target shopping cart to use their profiles, due to the fact that various shopping carts use different password encryption algorithm.

"CS-Cart" is registered trademark of CS-Cart shopping cart software

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Cart2Cart  Wonderful product. Save a lot of time. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 18 December 2011
sharmishtha rgb
Cart2Cart  I haven’t found the analogue service with such functionality as File2Cart. It moved products with all product info pretty easily.no data confusion! no duplicate products! awesome! Cart2Cart
Date Written: 04 April 2012
Sidney Lewis


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