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Enhanced Security

Privacy and Security of Your Data is Guaranteed

MagneticOne is a company that provides a number of e-Commerce solutions for effective store management, SEO and marketing automation, comparison shopping engines for the most widespread e-Commerce platforms. In 11 years on the market MagneticOne gained trust of over 40 000 users.

File2Cart is an automated online service that provides import of products, categories, images, etc. from external files or feeds to all major supported shopping carts providing enhanced security of your data on every import step.

We give you 100% guarantee that all your data stays secure and private before, during and after the import process.

  • File2Cart does not preserve any of your external or internal data.
  • The information collected by File2Cart service is 120% private and shall not be disclosed or sold to the third party.
  • All data is transmitted via secure FTP connection, therefore safety of Web server and user’s software are guaranteed.

We have developed Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Service Level Agreement for your data privacy and security.

How File2Cart works?

When signing up for File2Cart account, you are asked to provide the following information: name, e-mail address and password. Then specify the details about your cart. This would include the type of your shopping cart and its URL. After that you will need to download the connection bridge. It’s necessary for the service to get the access to all the necessary information. In your case - to your products information.

File2Cart doesn’t copy and doesn’t save any other information or files from your computer!

What is a Connection Bridge?

Connection bridge is a kind of gateway that enables data interaction between your source file and your target shopping cart. When you start importing your data with File2Cart, you will need to download the connection bridge to make data import possible.

Note: It is Impossible to Perform data import without a connection bridge!

A connection bridge is a very important tool that is needed for the service to get all the necessary data for successful import process.

How to Connect the Bridge?

To set up the bridge by yourself you’d need to download File2Cart bridge file to your computer and connect it to your shopping cart via FTP.

It is safe for you as well, as we guarantee total security of your store website data. For more information on how to install connection bridge, read here.

What is FTP?

FTP - File Transfer Protocol - is used to transfer files between two computers over a network and Internet. FTP makes it possible to install the connection bridge for exchanging files between your store and File2Cart server. Via FTP software tools we can establish connections to be able to access your product info for performing full import.The only thing you have to do provide the correct FTP connection.

Note: File2Cart doesn’t use the information connected with your clients and their personal accounts.

Your programmers can download and easily analyze the Connection Bridge file. This way you can be sure that this service uses only the information which is necessary for the import process and nothing more.

Contact Us

All the questions, comments, requests and complaints regarding your data security and the information we hold are welcome and should be addressed to File2Cart Support Team.

Contact us 11 AM - 7 PM (GMT +02.00) Monday through Friday.

Customer Testimonials

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Cart2Cart  Seriously, this service saved me 100s of hours of work. I had over 1200 skus and they moved it over in a day. All the images, all the descriptions, categories... everything in tact. If you are on the fence about their ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 10 December 2011
David Sammons
Cart2Cart  I haven’t found the analogue service with such functionality as File2Cart. It moved products with all product info pretty easily.no data confusion! no duplicate products! awesome! Cart2Cart
Date Written: 04 April 2012
Sidney Lewis


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