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Cart2Cart  I don’t usually use any third party services, but when I was looking for a quick import solution I decided to try File2Cart. The service didn’t let me down. Thanks for the high professionalism and quick performance. ...  Cart2Cart
Mark Shelley

Quick Demo Tour

1Register an Account

To get started with File2Cart all you need to do is register an account. It is completely on the web. It will take you only a few seconds. For your convenience you can sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account.

Register an Account

2Create New Data Import

Within your admin panel go to Proceed to import setup. Only six simple steps and you will be able to import all the necessary products to your online store.

Create New Data Import

3Setup Target Shopping Cart

Specify the details about your Target Cart, the shopping cart you want to import data to. Select your target cart version. This would include cart type and its URL. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure to download and set up the Connection Bridge.

Setup Target Shopping Cart

4Select Entities for Import

Select the items you’d like to import - products, product images, categories, manufacturers, etc. After that choose how will you import your data. You can upload a file from your computer or provide its URL.

Select Entities for Import

5Map Fields

From the drop-down list you need to map fields in your source file to the corresponding product fields on the target cart. If needed, you can fill optional and additional fields. There is a product data preview for your convenience.

Map Fields

6Pre-Import Data Check

Before proceeding with your data import, double-check the entities chosen for the process. As long as everything is fine, you can start to retrieve the resources.

Pre-Import Data Check

7Retrieve Resources from File

Do not close your browser until the pre-import data check is done. Right after that, you will be able to complete data retrieval.

Retrieve Resources from File

8Start Free Demo Import

Try out the free import of 10 products/categories to see File2Cart in action. You can skip this option, if you want, however it is highly recommended you perform the free data import to ensure service accuracy.

CStart Free Demo Import

9Check Demo Import Results

As soon as Demo Import is complete, go to your Target Cart to check the results right away. Now all is set for you to start your Full Data Import. If you have a discount coupon code, include it in the appropriate field. Click the Full Import button.

Check Demo Import Results

10Enjoy Your Data Imported to Your Store!

When the Full Import process is done, you can check out the results on your target store. and So, that’s it. Enjoy the benefits of having your data import as easy as that!

Start Tour Data Import Now!

Import Estimator Start the import now!

Note: You need to have 2 shopping cart installations (source and target) available online to perform import process.

Customer Testimonials

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Cart2Cart  I imported products with your one-time import plan. It was quite alright, for now the store functions fluently and all products are imported correctly. I consider using your scheduled import option, hope it works well ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 01 June 2012
Silvia Fox
Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 14 March 2012
Percy Jackson


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