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Manage Your Magento Store After the Import

When your Magento full data import is over you have to check your established store. Unfortunately, sometimes even if the transferring process was performed in the right way, and all data was imported accurately you may face some difficulties.

How to Perform Reindex

One of the main features of Magento platform is that it can index data to manage it faster. After any significant changes on your store you have to reindex data. After that all the changes will be visible on the back end. Some products may not show on your front end ‘til you reindex the data.
To perform data reindex you have to:

1. Log in to admin panel
2. Go to System => Index Management => Select All
3. Choose Submit

Import Magento Data

How to Perform Cache Cleaning

Log in to your admin panel and follow these steps:

1. Go to System => Cache Management => Select All => Submit
2. Click on Flush Magento Cache
3. After that click Flush Cache Storage

Also there is an Additional Cache Management below which is connected with your product images. For more confidence it is recommended to pass these steps:

1. Click Flush Catalog Images Cache
2. Then click Flush Java Script/CSS Cache

Import Magento Data

Products Do Not Appear After the Import

Sometimes it happens that your products just do not appear on your store and you get this type of error when you click on a product:

Import Magento Data

The problem could be connected with your configurations in Magento admin panel. maybe your products are just invisible or not active. Go this way to check if everything is fine:

1. Log in to admin panel
2. Firstly go this way System => Configuration

Import Magento Data

3. Now go to Catalog => Inventory

Import Magento Data

4. Now in Stock Options profile select three YES from the dropdown. After that click on Save Configurations

Import Magento Data

5. Finally perform reindex and clean cache (as it was explained above)

So, that’s it. It is recommended to pass all these steps every time after the import process.

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