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Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Percy Jackson

File2Cart Scheduled Import

What Is File2Cart Scheduled Import

File2Cart Scheduled Import is used to perform automated updates of your store database as many times a week as you need.

What File2Cart Updates

File2Cart will automatically update your products, their images, categories and manufacturers. The unlimited number of products, categories and manufacturers are supported. Also you can update 5 images: the main one and four additional.

What file-types are supported

You can update your data, providing any of the most popular data files:

  • csv;
  • xml;
  • xls;
  • xlsx;
  • txt.

Note! File2Cart Scheduled Import is performed only from a file URL. Don’t upload the file from computer!

Not to face problems while updating, be sure that your file meets all the requirements. To make your update smooth see file requirements. Also it is very important that a received file has the same structure every time your data is updated.

What Carts Are Supported

File2Cart supports Scheduled data update to more than 40 shopping carts. Among them are:

  • 3DCartApi
  • Shopify
  • CS-Cart 2.0.3
  • Magento
  • Prestashop 1.1
  • X-Cart 4.3
  • X-Cart 4.1.9

How It Works

  1. At first, you need to choose in a drop-down menu your target cart type, write its URL, download connection bridge and install it via FTP.
  2. The next step is to select the entities you want to update. You also need to provide your data file URL. Then, choose the appropriate import option:
    • Import New and Update Existing Products,
    • Update Existing Products Only.

    Note! Scheduled Import requires your file URL and will not work if the import is performed from a file.

  3. Now, map the fields. Just pick the appropriate field name from a drop-down menu that suits field names of your file. Be sure you have the required fields: Product ID (number, SKU, etc.), Name, Description and Price. Images and Categories (with delimiters) are optional fields. You can map 20 additional fields, including Quantity, Status, Meta Keywords and many other too.
  4. While Pre-Import Data Check, File2Cart will retrieve all data from your file and check whether everything is alright. If it is, you can start Demo Import of 10 products.
  5. After they are imported to your store successfully, choose Automated Daily/Weekly Import. Pick the days and see all the information about your Scheduled Import and a recommended plan.

How Much It Costs

There are four plans: Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. You can update up to 50 000, 100 000, 500 000 and over 500 000 products respectively. The Basic plan begins with only $59 and it really guarantees the effective and timely update of your entities. You can pay for Scheduled Import with your PayPal or a credit card.

What to do, if:

  • you don’t have time to set up Scheduled Import or are unsure if you can do that
You can order Data Import Assistance. It means that File2Cart Support Team will set up the update for you and it will definitely minimize risks and save your time.
  • your file or store is customized
You can request Customized Import Service. File2Cart technical engineers will modify your file (and not codes) for proper update.

Note! It will be done only for the first time and your file should constantly have the same structure.

  • you want to import data only once
Try File2Cart One-Time Import.

Don’t wait up! Only a simple registration separates you from a fast and easy store catalogue update with File2Cart!




Product Quantity

Import Frequency

Supported File Formats

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Scheduled Daily/Weekly Import


$99 / month

Up to 100 000

Daily / Weekly / Monthly

.csv / .xml / .txt / .xls / .xlsx

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$149 / month

Up to 500 000

Daily / Weekly / Monthly

.csv / .xml / .txt / .xls / .xlsx

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$199 / month

From 500 000

Daily / Weekly / Monthly

.csv / .xml / .txt / .xls / .xlsx

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Cart2Cart  I’d recommend the service to people who really value their time. Because File2Cart saved me LOTS of time and efforts doing the import for me. The highest speed that I ever saw. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 26 February 2012
Tom Sledge
Cart2Cart  I imported products with your one-time import plan. It was quite alright, for now the store functions fluently and all products are imported correctly. I consider using your scheduled import option, hope it works well ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 01 June 2012
Silvia Fox


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