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Cart2Cart  I’d recommend the service to people who really value their time. Because File2Cart saved me LOTS of time and efforts doing the import for me. The highest speed that I ever saw. Cart2Cart
Tom Sledge

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Short Description

File2Cart is an online service providing automated import of products, images, categories and other data from external files to over 35 shopping carts. With File2Cart each and every store owner can import data from .csv, .txt, .xml or .xls (.xlsx) file to their stores in a short period of time.

Long Description

Generally, each store owner comes to the point when they seek easier and faster ways to update their database. Data import to any shopping cart is a highly complicated and time-consuming process. That’s why there’s a need for a tool that can ease the import procedure. File2Cart is an online service providing automated data import from external files and supplier databases to over 35 shopping carts. It’s the one-of-its-kind solution for easy and fast products, customers and orders import to your store.

With File2Cart all you need is to let the service do the job for you. You should provide a file with database, type of shopping cart and URL of target store. Just a moment and File2Cart makes the import happen.

At this point, File2Cart supports import from .CSV, .TXT, .XML and .XLS (.XLSX) file formats and into over 35 major shopping carts, including Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, CS-Cart, etc. The import process is automated, so it will take a few hours to move data into your store. The import is implemented via the secured SSL connection, so your data is safe and sound with File2Cart. The import pricing is very flexible, since the final price for your data import depends on the number of items you need to move and starts from only $29. To know the exact price you can use Data Import Estimator, providing a type of your shopping cart and number of entities you need to import.

There’s a Free Demo Import of 10 products available. It allows you to see how the service works before paying money. After demo import you can choose One-Time Import or Scheduled. If you need to refresh the info about your products daily or weekly, Scheduled Import will be useful, in order your products to be timely updated. Apart from that, you can request Data Import Assistance and File2Cart tech engineers will take care of import your data for you and you will save your time.

Overall, File2Cart has become an ultimate data import solution for every store owner.

Executive Team

  • Ruslan Savchyshyn - Director&Founder
  • Oleg Cherevatyy - Commercial Director
  • Anatoliy Denys - Project Manager
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Quick Facts

  • Home Page: http://www.file2cart.com/
  • Headquarters: Ternopil, Ukraine
  • In Business Since: 2011
  • Number of Customers: growing fast
  • Target Market: Business owners (SME), individual store owners
  • Status: Privately held

Media Contact

  • For any media questions please contact:
  • Oleg Cherevatyy
  • +38 035 2523831
  • ogray [at] magneticone.com

Solution Descriptions

Please contact us to obtain solution descriptions of any kind.

Customer Testimonials

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Cart2Cart  I don’t usually use any third party services, but when I was looking for a quick import solution I decided to try File2Cart. The service didn’t let me down. Thanks for the high professionalism and quick performance. ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 20 August 2012
Mark Shelley
Cart2Cart  This is relay nice service.It save lot of time. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 22 September 2011
Mohammad Mahabubul Alam


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