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Cart2Cart  I haven’t found the analogue service with such functionality as File2Cart. It moved products with all product info pretty easily.no data confusion! no duplicate products! awesome! Cart2Cart
Sidney Lewis

Presents from File2Cart on Its Birthday

File2Cart is 3! We were working hard to help you importing data to a desirable shopping cart. Now it’s time to celebrate! On this occasion, we would like to present you 50% discount for all automated data imports, just because we love you! Simply use the following coupon code bo-wxmvn93ix till January 1 to get the half price!

Thanks to you, our dear customers we have achieved such successful results and world popularity. Currently, service supports 40+ leading shopping carts and imports data from CSV/XML/TXT/XLS/XLSX to your stores. All you need is to provide the source file and target store, File2Cart makes all the rest import work happen.

Additionally, there is a chance to check File2Cart functionality. You can try Demo Import, which is absolutely free. The process is quick and imports up to 10 entities to a new store. After checking the results all the doubts regarding the service accuracy and effectiveness will be dispelled.

Your coupon code: bo-wxmvn93ix

Score benefits using File2Cart:

  • Speed. Being an automated service, File2Cart does not take longer than the couple of hours to import data to your e-store.
  • Simplicity. The process is very easy, all you need is to have a source file and a target online store available.
  • Safety. The import is implemented through secured SSL connection to guarantee the highest level of security.
  • Affordable prices. The import cost is really flexible and depends on the amount of entities you would like to transfer to a new shop.

So, let’s celebrate the File2Cart birthday together! Use your 50% discount for data import right away. However, coupon code can applied only to automated imports, it does not include Support Services. Hurry up to get the data import for half price!

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Cart2Cart  I liked the service for its speed and functionality. It saved me from a tedious procedure and kept my nerves. Respect to the developers. Keep it up! Cart2Cart
Date Written: 15 July 2012
Henry Smith
Cart2Cart  Perfect service, profesional support. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 06 December 2011
Reinhard Taborsky


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