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I have images with the same names as products, but don't have a separate field in my file.

If your image names are the same as you product names or SKUs and there is no separate image field in your file, you can easily generate it (for CSV/XLS/XLSX/TXT)

For XLS/XLSX file format:

  1. Open your file with any table editor like MS Excel or OpenOfficeCalc.
  2. In a new column, 2nd row, create a formula (for MS Excel): "A1&B1"

    A1 is a column with product SKUs/names
    B1 - a column with image format (.jpg, .png)

    If you need to add full URL, then you would have to specify the URL column either.
  3. Drag the formula to the last row.
  4. Save the file in its current format

For CSV/TXT file format:

  1. Open MS Excel 2010
  2. Go to tab Data -> From text
  3. In the window that appears choose your file with products and press Import
  4. Choose delimited option and file origin (UTF8 is recommended)
  5. Specify the delimiters, so that the file is correctly shown in the preview.
  6. Follow steps 1-4 from the instruction above.

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