Cart2Cart  I liked the service for its speed and functionality. It saved me from a tedious procedure and kept my nerves. Respect to the developers. Keep it up! Cart2Cart
Henry Smith

I am a File2Cart first time user. What should I know about data import process?

  1. Your target store should be installed properly (please check scripts and database) before using File2Cart Service. You may skip this step if your store is based on SaaS
  2. Download the Connection Bridge and install it to the target site
  3. Turn off site redirects to ensure correct bridge functioning. For the most part, you just need to add a few lines to your .htaccess file. For more detailed information, consult your server administrator or contact File2Cart support
  4. Check your website and/or server firewall settings (increase number of connections from single IP address, if needed) to ensure proper functioning of connection bridges
  5. In some cases, during the import process, an increase in server load may occur on the target hosting account
  6. Please check the Quick Demo tour http://www.file2cart.com/quick-demo-tour to get to know the import step-by-step procedure
  7. Once a problem has occurred on the stage of demo import, please contact File2Cart support
  8. If your demo import has been successfully completed, you can start the full import
  9. Once the full data import has been started, you may close your browser window. You can check your import progress/status on “My Imports” page
  10. Please do not modify any store scripts or database information during the import process (do not drop database or restore/reinstall your store, etc)
  11. Note that you can check the results on your target store only after the import is 100% complete

If you need help performing your data import, please request Data Import Assistance Service and File2Cart team will make the import for you.

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Cart2Cart  I’d recommend the service to people who really value their time. Because File2Cart saved me LOTS of time and efforts doing the import for me. The highest speed that I ever saw. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 26 February 2012
Tom Sledge
Cart2Cart  I don’t usually use any third party services, but when I was looking for a quick import solution I decided to try File2Cart. The service didn’t let me down. Thanks for the high professionalism and quick performance. ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 20 August 2012
Mark Shelley