Cart2Cart  Seriously, this service saved me 100s of hours of work. I had over 1200 skus and they moved it over in a day. All the images, all the descriptions, categories... everything in tact. If you are on the fence about their ...  Cart2Cart
David Sammons

Why should I use File2Cart to import data to my store?

  • It’s the easiest way to import data to your store catalogue: no software installation, no expensive extensions, no coding! Just provide your target cart info, a file or URL with data and start your import.
  • You can synchronize your store catalogue with your suppliers and dropshippers. Receive daily or weekly updates of product info. Go through the setup process once, specify your own schedule and forget about the rest. File2Cart will automatically update your store database with the required frequency.
  • With File2Cart you get absolute security. Imports are performed on Amazon EC2 and via SSL connection, which means your data is 100% safe.
  • You can import products to any of over 35 major shopping carts. You will definitely find yours in the list. If not, request for it and we'll add it as soon as possible.
  • File2Cart allows you to import data from all the popular file formats. You can import data from csv, xml, txt, Excel file or feed to any of the supported platforms!
  • You will receive best quality support. File2Cart support managers and tech engineers will make sure your import works out just fine. And if you have no desire or time, there's an extra option of Data Import Assistance - all the job is done by the team of professionals and you just enjoy the results.
  • You get fast import and / or update of products for the lowest and most clear price. It depends solely on the number of products you import and can be easily calculated with Import Estimator: just choose your cart, type in the number of products and get the result.

Customer Testimonials

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Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 14 March 2012
Percy Jackson
Cart2Cart  I haven’t found the analogue service with such functionality as File2Cart. It moved products with all product info pretty easily.no data confusion! no duplicate products! awesome! Cart2Cart
Date Written: 04 April 2012
Sidney Lewis