Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Percy Jackson


How to Set Up Scheduled Import in File2Cart?

Timely update is vital for smooth performance of your store. Product information is constantly changing, that’s why you need to update item assortment and availability, prices, categories and on and on.

If you have a lot of entities, it is a very laborious process to update each of them manually. File2Cart, in turn, offers you Scheduled Data Import. Using it makes you forget about sitting and importing data by yourself every day or week. Let’s see what you can do to succeed in updating your store database automatically with File2Cart.


5 Tips on Easy Magento Import

Actually, Magento import isn’t a very difficult thing to do. But it contains some nuances that can sometimes become the serious obstacles. It is quite important to be aware of all the details of transferring your data. So, if you don’t really know how to move your data to your Magento store, this article will be a secret weapon to understand the process of import to Magento. It will definitely help both a beginner and a regular user.


How to Make Your XML and CS-Cart Compatible?

What file format is better to choose to import data to online store? In most cases you’re not given any options, moreover you are restricted by your shopping cart’s functionality and your suppliers’ way of sending data. What is interesting, is that store owners usually get XML from their suppliers, though CSV format is much more widely spread if you talk about import possibilities of most shopping carts. Suppliers’ choice is totally justified: nice functionality, simplicity of use and much more advantages obviously can win anyone’s heart.


How to Import to PrestaShop?

It is very important to keep your PrestaShop store database timely updated. Everybody knows that the process of import and updating is very responsible task. Without a doubt, no one wants to face any kind of nuisances concerning data moving. In this article you will read about the peculiarities of PrestaShop import that will help you make the import swifter and simpler.


What to Do to Succeed with VirtueMart Import?

“What do I need to import the data to my store?”, you can ask. The answer is pretty obvious: when you need to import new or update the existing products, customers, etc., you need a file containing all the necessary data. CSV file is the most used in such situations. The next step is to import data file into your VirtueMart store. Sounds easy, but how the process is performed in fact?

There are several suggestions to simplify the data import and make everything go plain and straight.


How to Create a Proper .CSV for Your Magento Import?

How to Create a Proper .CSV for Your Magento Import

It is known that a comma separated value or .csv file type is the best for importing your products, categories and other data to your store. However the process of .csv creation is not so fast and easy. Very often the requirements are not clear and this causes difficulties while preparing your import file. There is a list of tips and tricks for proper .csv file creation.


Magento Image Import. Simple as ABC

Imagine yourself entering a supermarket where all the products are replaced with a piece of paper with detailed product description. You may buy anything you want but you will get it only at home. Would you buy even a pair of socks there? I don’t think so. Now you understand the importance of product image on your web store. Surveys claim that ordinary user will stay at product page only for a few seconds if they won’t get interested in something. Picture gallery may attract customers attention and provoke them to buy an item. People want to see what they are paying for not only read about this.


Magento Import. Why .csv?


One of the things you cannot avoid in eCommerce business is working with .csv files. Virtually all shopping platforms, including Magento, support this format. No other way to store data can be considered a remotely equal alternative. So, whenever you get to import products to Magento, you are obliged to work with this format. However, a lot of store owners have constant issues with Magento import because of .csv data files. So, why is it still csv that we apply in every import procedure and what are the pros and cons of its usage?


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Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 14 March 2012
Percy Jackson
Cart2Cart  I liked the service for its speed and functionality. It saved me from a tedious procedure and kept my nerves. Respect to the developers. Keep it up! Cart2Cart
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