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The Invisible Ones: What to Do When Magento Products (Categories, Images) Don’t Show Up

In the chart of the most frustrating Magento issues this one would definitely hit the top.

So, if you’ve ever spent hours or days trying to figure out why your freshly-imported products, categories or images never appeared on your frontend / backend, here’s to you and your destroyed nerve cells. If you're struggling with this issue at the moment, cheer up! These are a couple of tips from atomni.com that will help you if...


A Simple Guide on Importing Your Products to Magento Store from Supplier Live XML Feed

Basically, there are many different possibilities to import products to Magento from your supplier XML feed. But not all of them are effective and easy.
The simplest way is to ask your supplier for a .CSV file, because Magento supports only .CSV import. You can map your .CSV to the Magento database header or you can write a script or hire a programmer for your data import.


Your Magento Store: How to Start When You Don't Know Where to Start?

Magento Category Import

This is devoted to everyone who has ever set up their own Magento store, is struggling with this process now or only plans to do that in some not very or very distant future.
Despite or due to the fact that Magento is the most powerful and popular e-Commerce platform in the world, there always will be some issues and hardships on the way to establishing your own fully-functional store.


How to Import Categories to Magento Store with File2Cart

Magento Category Import

If you really want to make Magento category import easier and faster you need to know a few important things before starting to transfer .CSV files. Let’s start from the file preparation.
First of all edit your file. You can do it using any usual text editor. However, it is better to open a file with any spreadsheet program. Here are the recommended symbols that can be used as separators - ",", ";" or "|".


Magento Multiple Image Import: the More - the Better

Magento Multiple Image Import

Though so advanced and innovative, selling online is much like its conventional prototype. The same people with the same needs look for a good bargain, search for the best yet the cheapest option and buy what is dearest to their eyes. In e-commerce the last point is even more important as often a short description and the image are the only things which your customer can rely on.


In Search of the Best Way to Import Images to OpenCart

In Search of the Best Way to Import Images to OpenCart

OpenCart is a free open-source shopping cart with the community of over 46 000 members. It is based on PHP and MySQL and has the built-in CMS that helps to provide better store management. This e-commerce solution is quite popular, but, as nothing is perfect, lacks some features. Data import is not an exception. What will you do to import your product images to your OpenCart store? Will you do it manually, find an extension or use some scripts? Let’s see what way has more advantages.


How to Import a Feed to PrestaShop. A Step-by-Step Instruction

How to Import a Feed to PrestaShop.

While importing a feed that you get from a supplier, you can face many problems. The thing is that a received file can be of non-supported by your cart format, has a structure that will not suit the requirements or be available only on the net. Moreover, you can get feeds from several suppliers, and every file will differ from one another. So, what should you do to make the feed import less problematic? Let’s consider several ways to avoid those import obstacles efficiently.


How to Import Products to WooCommerce with File2Cart

How to Import Products to WooCommerce with File2Cart

WooCommerce WordPress plugin gives you an opportunity to build a full blown e-Commerce sites quickly and without any difficulties. This plugin has everything what you will need. You have an opportunity to instal one of many awesome extensions available at WooThemes. Also, it works with any of WordPress themes. However, as WooThemes are made specially for this plugin, they, of course will be more compatible and comfortable in use.


What Do You Get When You Choose Shopify?

What Do You Get When You Choose Shopify?

In e-commerce world it is very difficult to choose one shopping cart among many of them. Every platform offers its unique features to boost your business, and Shopify is not an exception.

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution that appears to be really popular among store owners. The number of active stores is more than 30 000 and includes many internet shops. So, what makes Shopify so widely used? Let’s see.


BigCommerce Import Tips and Tweaks

BigCommerce Import Tips and Tweaks

BigCommerce shopping cart has gradually become one of the most popular e-Commerce solutions for merchants nowadays. Why? Basically, there are a few reasons. Firstly, this cart is very easy-to-use, reliable and well-supported. Some store owners think that it is very difficult to manage BigCommerce, but this store has a “Getting Started Wizard”, so you can operate your BigCommerce shop easily. Also, there are a few step-by-step videos that will be useful in case you’re stuck or encounter problems.


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