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How to Make Money from Partnering with File2Cart?

Every second proves to be costly for every online store entrepreneur. Thereby, the demand for automated solutions to make data import process more efficient and less time consuming has grown rapidly.

For that reason, this is a great time for you to become File2Cart partner and to offer an outstanding service to you clients. This way you will not only satisfy their demands but will increase your profit at the same time.

Why Automated Data Import is Important to Store Owners?

It is much more efficient to invest money in the accuracy and safety and to use File2Cart for data import, than to waste a lot of time and efforts on manual procedure. Furthermore, despite the complexity and the expenditure of time, another important point to consider is how to overcome consequences of incorrect import? What to do in case of duplicates, errors, data loss or other mistakes?

Make Money, Keep Clients and Have More to Offer with File2Cart!

Once you're File2Cart partner, you will be rewarded with numerous benefits from:

  1. Increased revenue. You will earn 20%commision per each import from your partner link.
  2. Extended opportunities of getting one more way to attract new clients.
  3. Access to all marketing resources, tools and information (tutorial videos, instructions, articles and services training), to help you grow your reach in the marketplace.
  4. Personal account manager to assist you with any question on the way to make your business even more prosper.
  5. Excellent technological support. You don't worry about doing import itself, we will handle it for you, from start to finish.
  6. 24/7 service availability and access to the service from any location.

This is the absolute best way to leverage your income. And it is up to you how to work: referring to File2Cart website and getting commission from each import or importing clients data within your account yourself and estimating the price for them.

To inform website visitors about new import opportunity you can present information on your blog or website, newsletter, marketplaces, directories, social media or demonstrative videos. Finally, customers can be the best promotion as they will be impressed with your improved service assistance.

At its term, we’re guarantee the safety and security of keeping your and your clients’ businesses information. It shall not be disclosed or sold to the third party.

Partnership with us, will position your company as a trusted service provider, that helps in quick achieving store owners business goals.

Who Can Make Money from File2Cart?

The answer is - anyone and everywhere! Selling File2Cart services has no boundaries.

Both existing and new customers can join Partnership Program. If you are a service provider and you offer shopping cart migration service, data import, development, customization service, File2Cart is what you need to satisfy clients demands and make money from it.

How Much is it in Numbers?

You will make from it just as much as you want to make. Let’s do a simple calculation to show you how much it is possible to earn being File2Cart Partner.

The price for One Time Import starts from $39 to $289. So, if one of your customers will perform import for $39 on your behalf, you will get:

$39 * 20% commission = $7,8 per each customer
10 customers and you earning is $7.8 * 10 = $78
100 customers and your commission will be $7.8 * 100 = $780

If your customer will import up to 30 000 products, the import cost will be $289

Thus, your revenue will be: $289 * 20% commision = $57,8 per one import

Don’t you think, it will be a good addition to the income without any effort on your part?

Ready to Join?

Simply fill in File2Cart Partner Request Form and that's it! You send us business, we send you money!

Now your prosperity depends on your. You can not only keep clients, but keep them so satisfied that your business will grow based simply on offering outstanding data import service provided by File2Cart.

Want to get some more facts? Visit File2Cart Partners Page or shoot an email with details to our Support Center.

P.S.We are looking forward to see you among our valued partners!

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Cart2Cart  Wonderful product. Save a lot of time. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 18 December 2011
sharmishtha rgb
Cart2Cart  I’d recommend the service to people who really value their time. Because File2Cart saved me LOTS of time and efforts doing the import for me. The highest speed that I ever saw. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 26 February 2012
Tom Sledge