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A Simple Guide on Importing Your Products to Magento Store from Supplier Live XML Feed

Basically, there are many different possibilities to import products to Magento from your supplier XML feed. But not all of them are effective and easy.
The simplest way is to ask your supplier for a .CSV file, because Magento supports only .CSV import. You can map your .CSV to the Magento database header or you can write a script or hire a programmer for your data import.

However, (yet knowing the facts mentioned above) a lot of store owners want their data to be transferred better, easier, faster and without errors. File2Cart gives all these opportunities. With File2Cart you can easily transfer these types of files to your Magento store in an absolutely automated way:

Before data importing you have to get it out from the XML feed. To do this, you can use "simplexml_load_file" function and get your data from the XML feed.

Start your import!

If your data is already available on the PHP page, you can start your product import. So, if you want to improve your transferring process, just follow through these six simple steps:

1. Firstly, register an account. If you want you can log in with your existing Google or Facebook account.

2. From the drop-down list select your target Magento store version and provide its URL. After that, you need to connect your store with the server. For this operation, you need to download and set up Connection Bridge. To find more info and to check out a video tutorial visit this page.

3. Next you need to select the entities you want to import. In your case, you have to select Products. Then upload your feed or provide its URL. You have an opportunity to create an entirely new import or transfer only new entities from the previous imports and also update the existing products only which are already available on your store.

4. Now you need to map fields. All the fields can be mapped automatically. But if your file contains some fields that are formatted in a different way you have to map them manually. These are required columns that you have to fill:

  • Product Id (SKU);
  • Product Name (SKU/Product Id);
  • Product Description (Description or Short Description);
  • Price;

If you need, fill optional and additional fields.

5. You can perform the Demo Import of 10 products. It is absolutely free. You can skip this option, if you want, but it is recommended performing Demo import to ensure that all your fields were mapped in the right way.

6. Now you can check the results of Free Demo Import right on your Magento store. If everything is fine, you can start your Full Import!

That’s it. No problems, no errors. Wanna have your catalogue updated regularly? Just choose the corresponding option and specify the schedule of imports.

Import Magento Data

Register an account to start your automated XML feed import to Magento.

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Cart2Cart  I guess it is one of the best ways to import products. i tried different options but nothing worked as good as File2Cart. The service is fast and accurate at the same time.prevented me of much products. And the costs ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 02 May 2012
George Don
Cart2Cart  I liked the service for its speed and functionality. It saved me from a tedious procedure and kept my nerves. Respect to the developers. Keep it up! Cart2Cart
Date Written: 15 July 2012
Henry Smith