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Your Magento Store: How to Start When You Don't Know Where to Start?

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This is devoted to everyone who has ever set up their own Magento store, is struggling with this process now or only plans to do that in some not very or very distant future.
Despite or due to the fact that Magento is the most powerful and popular e-Commerce platform in the world, there always will be some issues and hardships on the way to establishing your own fully-functional store.

Here is a very short list of 5 most frequent issues that might get you stuck and 100% confused. You may have no idea how to:
  • create or change your store title
  • set up different prices
  • change a store logo
  • add a contact form
  • install additional languages
To spare your time and energy, we’ve collected some tips that will help to resolve these issues. Here you go!

How to create or change your store title

Magento Category Import

First of all you have to remember that a bad beginning makes a bad ending. The same thing with an online store. Your store title is the most important part of successful business. There are only four steps that you have to pass, and your store title will be easily changed.

1. Click on CMS and select Pages within your admin panel.
2. Choose Home page.
3.After that, edit the field Page Title in the Page information field and click Save.
That’s all. Now check out a new title of your store.

How to set up different prices

Magento Category Import

If you have two or more Magento stores, probably, one day you will have to set different prices for these stores. Here are a few steps that will help to set up your prices easily:
1. In the Admin panel, go this way: System > Configuration > Catalog. Click on Price.
2. If the Price is Global, change it to Website.
3. For each product you want to set different prices on – select a Product.
There is a Choose Your Store View option. Click on it and select the first store from the list.
4. After that, set the price for the first store and click on “Save and Continue Editing”. Now do the same procedure with the other store.

How to replace your store logo

Magento Category Import

To change the logo of your Magento shop, follow this instruction:
1. Open this folder - “skin/frontend/blank/theme/images”.
2. Find the “logo.gif” file there. Make sure that your logo image is saved in gif format.
3. Copy the logo image from your computer to the server using FTP manager.
4. Upload your file to the server.
5. Download and open your file with HTML editor.
6. Now you have to find the line that controls the logo div. Use the search tool. Push CTRL and the F keys to display it.
7. Save your file and upload it to the server.
That’s it. Your logo has been replaced.

How to add a contact form in your Magento

Magento Category Import When it is needed to add a contact form, do it this way:
1. Log in to the administrator area.
2. Click on CMS and go to Pages.
3. Now choose the necessary page you want to edit. Also, it is possible to make a new page.
After that, use the HTML option and paste the following code:

Your contact form is added.

How to install a new or additional language to your Magento store

Magento Category Import

As e-Commerce world grows day by day, the number of your customers also does. It means that it’s time to extend your business. Setting up additional languages you are attracting more clients from different parts of the world. So it is a big plus for you and for customers, namely it will be easier for them to surf your website and meet their needs there.
Here is an instruction on how to install new or add additional language to Magento:
1. Within your admin panel go to System and click on Manage Stores.
2. If you want to add a new language, go to Create Store View.
3. Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.
4. Now go to magentocommerce.com and download your necessary language pack there.
5. Go back to the admin panel.
6. Click on System and after that go to Configuration.
7. Choose the store view.
8. Set your Countries and fill the Location options.
Now save all the changes and that’s it.

How to import your data to Magento as quickly as possible and with no errors

Magento Category Import

The most important part of your store is product catalogue as this is what you make money of. Therefore, successful data import has always been a main question for store owners.
The most important tip here: if you decided to import your products to Magento quickly and without errors, File2Cart will give you a hand. Import CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT files or feeds to your Magento store. Watch a step-by-step video tutorial for detailed instructions and try out a Free Demo Import right now.

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