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Magento Multiple Image Import: the More - the Better

Magento Multiple Image Import

Though so advanced and innovative, selling online is much like its conventional prototype. The same people with the same needs look for a good bargain, search for the best yet the cheapest option and buy what is dearest to their eyes. In e-commerce the last point is even more important as often a short description and the image are the only things which your customer can rely on.

The conclusion is evident: images in your online store are always for the best. And not only the better quality the better, but also the bigger quantity the better. Your product images should supplement the lack of possibility to actually see the product or try it.

File2Cart now supports import of products with multiple images to Magento. Now you can import up to 4 additional images without additional effort. How can I do that? you’ll ask.

Here’s what you do.

First of all, you need to have additional images provided in your file. There are two ways to add them there:

  1. Provide all additional images in different columns
  2. That’s clear: Additional image 1 column with the first image, Additional image 2 with the second one, and so on.

  3. Provide them all in one column via a delimiter, for instance:
  4. "http://mystore.com/images/image1.jpg|http://mystore.com/images/image2.jpg"

    where "|" is the delimiter

You can specify full URLs of your images:


or just the names:


You start the import setup as usually. Sign in to your account or register if you don’t have one, provide your target store URL and upload a file.

The most important step here is Field Mapping.

Field Mapping

In case there are no column names in the first row you will have to do that manually.

After mapping all the mandatory fields get to Additional Fields.

You will have to map there one Additional Images field if your images are provided in one field:

Multiple Image Import

Map the field with the corresponding column in your file. Then have a look at the delimiter in this column in the preview above and specify the delimiter in the corresponding field.

Or map up to 4 Fields (Additional Image 1, 2, etc.) if each of them is provided in a separate column:

Multiple Image Import

If you have only image names specified in your file, then provide the full path in Image URL field. For instance, if your image_1 is in folder Images and in your file it looks like "/image_1", in your Image URL field you will have to provide the following:


If you have full image URLs provided in your file then just leave this field blank.

That’s it. If you have done everything properly, your images will be imported to the store without any errors. Register now and import multiple images to Magento easier and faster with File2Cart.

Note: Additional images are not thumbnail, large or small images.

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