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In Search of the Best Way to Import Images to OpenCart

In Search of the Best Way to Import Images to OpenCart

OpenCart is a free open-source shopping cart with the community of over 46 000 members. It is based on PHP and MySQL and has the built-in CMS that helps to provide better store management. This e-commerce solution is quite popular, but, as nothing is perfect, lacks some features. Data import is not an exception. What will you do to import your product images to your OpenCart store? Will you do it manually, find an extension or use some scripts? Let’s see what way has more advantages.

OpenCart import through admin panel can be done only manually. And images are to be added when adding a new or editing existing products. There is a special tab for images. You can choose a picture from your FTP or upload it from your computer.

Pro: This procedure is pretty simple. Just several clicks and you have uploaded an image. You can add several images to one product.

Con: The process of OpenCart image import lacks automation. It is hard to import not only many images, but also several images at the same time.

Many people are searching for different PHP codes or scripts to import product images to OpenCart. Frankly speaking, it is a real problem to find these codes on the net.

Pro: A script written for your OpenCart import of products with images will provide a kind of automation.

Con: If you feel your programming skills will not be sufficient to perform the task, it's not an option. You should know where you should put this code and how to make it start working.

OpenCart possesses an impressive base of extensions. Among more than 6 000 modules, you will definitely find many to import OpenCart images to your store. The usage of extensions is the most widespread way to import images.

Pro: Full automation is now attainable. You can simply upload a file and import the necessary data via the module you've found.

Con: File types. In most cases the modules support one or maximum two file types, so make sure your format is in the list. Installation also can be a disadvantage and cause a bit of trouble. The price can differ, but in most cases is not that small too.

File2Cart is another way to import OpenCart images to your store.

Pro: Pretty easy setup, full automation of the actual data import, support of XML, CSV, TXT, Excel file formats.

Con: Well, what cons can there be? Try for yourself! Just register an account and you will get this one more way to import images to your OpenCart store from CSV/XML/Excel/TXT absolutely easily!

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