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How to Import a Feed to PrestaShop. A Step-by-Step Instruction

How to Import a Feed to PrestaShop.

While importing a feed that you get from a supplier, you can face many problems. The thing is that a received file can be of non-supported by your cart format, has a structure that will not suit the requirements or be available only on the net. Moreover, you can get feeds from several suppliers, and every file will differ from one another. So, what should you do to make the feed import less problematic? Let’s consider several ways to avoid those import obstacles efficiently.

The great majority of feeds, that store owners receive, are saved in xml file format. Apart from a csv and xml file type they can also have excel or even txt format. PrestaShop supports only import from a csv file, so you should use a tool to transfer data to PrestaShop from a feed.

To perform the data import from xml or excel file faster and simpler you need to register an account, at first. After that you need to begin new import and pass a simple 6 steps wizard:

1. Select the shopping cart type. In your case it will be PrestaShop. Then provide a URL address of your online store and download connection bridge.

Note! Connection bridge is required to import data to your store. More information on how to download and install connection bridge you can find in tutorial video.

2. On this step you need to upload your feed from computer or provide its URL, if it is available on the internet. Then choose the import option you need:

  • import only new products;
  • import new and update existing;
  • update existing products only.

Note! If you need to delete all data from your shopping cart before the import, just check the option “Clear all current data on target store”.

3. Field mapping is the next and one of the most important stages in PrestaShop xml, csv or excel import process. You need to map the fields of your file so that import will not be problematic. The process is simplified by drop-down menus, so you will easily find a field you need.

Map your fields very attentively, don’t forget about required fields, don’t map categories to subcategories or vice versa. This is how your categories should look like (by delault)

Check whether your images or additional images are uploaded to the server or available on the internet. Just after that map image fields.

In case fields are properly formatted, they can be mapped automatically!

Note! Make sure your file meets all the requirements. Check all delimiters and separators, then you will be able to provide them too. While mapping fields the preview of your file will help you identify the fields. 4 fields are obligatory:

  • Products ID (SKU);
  • Product Name (SKU/Product Id);
  • Full Description (Short Description/Description/Product Name);
  • Price.

4 - 5. When you are certain that everything is properly mapped, you can go to the next step. All the data from your file will be retrieved. You will see all entities to be imported and their quantity. Then you can perform a Demo Import.

6. During Demo Import 10 products will be automatically imported from your feed to PrestaShop store. The process is really fast so you don’t have to wait.

Note! After you have passed Demo Import it is recommended to go to your online store and see whether the data was imported without problems. Check products, images, categories and so on.

Only after you are sure all entities are properly moved, you can Confirm the Full Import.

Note! When the import process began, you can even close your browser. All data will be safely moved to your store.After the import is over you will be sent an e-mail notification with the results.

Congratz! You can now go to your store and enjoy your data imported!

Usually suppliers provide feeds on a regular basis with all the inventory changes. To give your customers only the newest info and not to waste hours daily on import of those feeds to your catalogue, subscribe to Scheduled Import.

This way you will be able to:

  • import new products to your store;
  • update those already existing in your catalogue.

Register an account and make sure an automated xml feed import to PrestaShop is not as difficult as you think.

Import products to your store right away!

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