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How to Import Products to WooCommerce with File2Cart

How to Import Products to WooCommerce with File2Cart

WooCommerce WordPress plugin gives you an opportunity to build a full blown e-Commerce sites quickly and without any difficulties. This plugin has everything what you will need. You have an opportunity to instal one of many awesome extensions available at WooThemes. Also, it works with any of WordPress themes. However, as WooThemes are made specially for this plugin, they, of course will be more compatible and comfortable in use.

It is not necessary to be a highly-skilled programmer to make your .CSV import to WooCommerce successful.

First of all, for faultless product import your data file should meet the required structure and other important criteria.

One of the ways to get such a product file for WooCommerce is to input manually several products into the WP Admin. Then check the information in the tables and make sure you have all the necessary data. Then you can write your own custom import suite.
To export products from WooCommerce go to WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite > Export. Here you have to select the columns you want to export, the limit and the offset to download the CSV to your computer. You can export products and variations (separate CSVs).

Before the import process you have to edit your CSV. file. You can use any common text editor, but it is better to open your .CSV with any spreadsheet program you like. Then check if all the required columns are filled. Remember that it is recommended to use these symbols as a separator - ",", ";" or "|". Language should be UTF-8 (especially if you want to use special symbols). For detailed information about the requirements for your .CSV files read here.

Here, is a good example of .CSV file to show you some of the columns you can use:


You can download sample CSV files (csv, ~3kB):
CSV with absolute image URL | CSV with relative image URL | CSV with image name only

These are required columns:
1. Product Id (SKU);
2. Product Name (SKU/Product Id);
3. Full Description (Short Description/Description);
4. Price;
If there’s no description, you can use Product Name (SKU).

After checking your .CSV file there are only six simple steps and your products will be easily transferred to your WooCommerce store:

1. To start your import - register an account. For your convenience you can sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account.
2. After that choose a WooCommerce store from the drop-down list, provide a URL of your shop and download a connection bridge. To set up your connection bridge in a right way watch a tutorial video.
3. Upload a file with your data from your computer. Also, you can provide its URL.
Next you have to select entities you want to import or update. In your case - select “products”.
4. After that you have to pass field mapping. Basically, all the fields can be mapped automatically. But if your file contains differently formatted fields, you should map them manually. The main categories have to be divided by Separator Delimiter, sub-categories have to be divided by Path Delimiter. Separator and Path delimiters should be different and consist of one character.
Separator = |
Path = /

a) Categories1|Categories2
b) Categories1/Subcategories1
c) Categories1|Categories2/Subcategories1/Subcategories2|Categories3/Subcategories1

Your file must contain integer prices or fractions. Remember that 1,000 or 1.000 = $1. NOT $1000
There is a product data preview for your convenience. If needed, fill the additional fields.

5. Also, you have an opportunity to perform the Demo Import of 10 products. You can skip this option if you want, but it is highly recommended to perform it just to ensure that your fields were mapped successfully the File2Cart service works fine.
6. Now when everything is done, you can check out the Demo Import results right on your WooCommerce store. Check out all the imported data. Make sure that everything worked fine. If needed, you can go back to an appropriate step. Now you can start your Full Import!

So, as you can see it is possible to transfer your products easily with no programming skills.
Apart from CSV data, you can easily transfer .TXT, .XML and Excel files with File2Cart.
If you decided to make your import better than ever before, File2Cart is the best decision for you.

Just register an account to start your WooCommerce import right now.

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