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What Do You Get When You Choose Shopify?

What Do You Get When You Choose Shopify?

In e-commerce world it is very difficult to choose one shopping cart among many of them. Every platform offers its unique features to boost your business, and Shopify is not an exception.

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution that appears to be really popular among store owners. The number of active stores is more than 30 000 and includes many internet shops. So, what makes Shopify so widely used? Let’s see.

Usability and Design

What is really valuable is that you don’t have to download and install it. You will not deal with its configuration. It is hosted, and it is working for you. So that you aren’t confused, Shopify offers step-by-step tips that will be your own guide through it. It will notify you if something is done wrong, so you will never face a trouble with it.

Shopify definitely has a user-friendly design which makes this shopping cart usage very easy. The great number of templates (over 100) allows you to choose one that will suit all your needs. You can customize it without a special knowledge; change your font, banners, etc. Such possibilities make your shopping cart enhance along with your business.

Product Management

The product management is as simple as ABC. You will get the full control over your products, images, categories, descriptions and so on. Shopify also allows you to add multiple variants for every product and get the reports about orders immediately via email or SMS. You can export the needed data from your store to a csv so that to have it in the table. Speaking about Shopify import, you are enabled to transfer your data with a built-in tool from your csv file. In case you have problems with a Shopify csv import or your data is saved in xml or excel format, you can simply perform the import using an advanced import extension.

SEO and Marketing

Shopify possesses very powerful SEO and Marketing tools that allow your store to be at the top positions of search engines listings. The sitemap.xml is automatically generated, so every change you make will be updated and shown immediately. Your customers will definitely appreciate the discount and coupon codes that can be created easily. See your actual business situation by tracking customers actions, their orders and purchases with simple integration to Google Analytics. Shopify has a lot of apps among which you can find very useful for you and your customer.

Plans and pricing

The price of this e-commerce solution starts from $29/month. The more functionality you need the more will be the price, up to $179/month. These prices are really reasonable in relation to the features you will get. Moreover, Shopify gives you time to try it and offers 30-day trial that is the longest trial period given among other hosted platforms.

All-in-One Solution

Taking into account all above mentioned features, it can be said that Shopify is a very beneficial shopping cart. It possesses everything that you need to set your business to the new level. So, if you decided to run a store on Shopify, import products to it right now. Just register and pass Free Demo Import of your data to Shopify from csv, xml, excel or txt file.

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