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How to Extend TomatoCart Import Possibilities

How to Extend TomatoCart Import Possibilities

TomatoCart is an open-source free ecommerce solution that was designed to revolutionize ecommerce and become a shopping cart of a new generation. It is based on ExtJS RIA framework and WEB 2.0. That is why it is very user friendly and it is gaining its popularity really fast, having the community of over 60000 members.

TomatoCart offers an admin panel, in the form of a web desktop, that is really easy to use. The import/export tool is very simple too,though its functionality may be sometimes insufficient. Let’s talk about its built-in tool for import more precisely.

TomatoCart import of products can be performed from a CSV or XML data file. Support of these two file types makes the import tool more flexible. Not to face the problems while CSV import, you can choose the delimiters of your file right before uploading it. The import process is pretty fast, so it doesn’t require much time.

One of the disadvantages that a merchant can encounter is that Excel and TXT file formats are not supported by TomatoCart import tool. In this case, File2Cart can offer a simple and fast import of your Excel, TXT, as well as CSV and XML files to your store. So, in such a way you can improve the import possibilities of TomatoCart import.

The built-in tool also allows you to import product images. The procedure is very simple and convenient. To import images to TomatoCart you need to upload a zip file with your images along with a data file right in admin panel. There is a special field for this. So, if you want your product images to be displayed on the storefront, provide a path to it in your data file. Note! Internet URLs to images are not supported.

You can also import your products with images to your store without problems using File2Cart. It offers you to provide a URL of the image that is kept on a server or from the internet. So, it means it is not necessary to upload the images on your server. It definitely simplifies the process of import, and you can forget about unnecessary actions.

It is difficult enough to set up TomatoCart to import products or to update them on a regular basis. If you want to do this, you need to do everything manually by uploading a file every time it is changed. With File2Cart, you can set up a Scheduled Data Import. Your catalogue will be refreshed as many times as you will choose and your customers will always be up to date with the new products. It is the other way to extend the functionality of TomatoCart import.

It is also possible to import categories to your TomatoCart from a CSV, XML, Excel and TXT file with File2Cart. Just provide the titles of categories and subcategories in one of the fields of your file and they will be successfully imported to your TomatoCart store.

To sum up, TomatoCart import is very easy, and it is one of its biggest advantages. As nothing is perfect, some features are lacking to suit all the needs of TomatoCart merchants. Just register and and get more import features trying FREE Demo Import of 10 products with images and categories to your TomatoCart.

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