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A Few Facts that You Must Know About PrestaShop .CSV Import

You don’t need to be a skilled programmer to import .csv files to your PrestaShop without a problem. You just have to know some facts that will help you to do that easily. The information below will be very useful for PrestaShop store owners that sometimes face difficulties during the .csv import process. So let’s start.

One of the most important parts of .csv data transfer is the preparation of your .csv files. For your .csv data, you can use any common text editor, but it is recommended to use any of spreadsheet programs, and then save your work in the .csv format. The thing is that a spreadsheet program enables you to have a simpler and more visual grasp of all your data, comparing with the text files. It is recommended to use ";" as a separator.

If it is needed to paste the field heading into a horizontal row, here is a simple instruction on how to do that using Open Office:

  • First of all copy the list of field headings from the PrestaShop page.
  • Then you have to open a new Open Office spreadsheet and click in cell A1.
  • Right mouse-click. Choose "Paste Special" and then - "unformatted text". A dialogue window will open.
  • Choose UTF-8 and the correct language option. The other default options should be correct. Click OK. Now you have a vertical list.
  • Highlight the list. Then - right mouse-click. Choose "Cut".
  • Click on cell A1 one more time.
  • Right mouse-click, select "Paste Special". Make sure "Transpose" is checked in the options panel at the bottom of the dialogue screen. Select "OK".

If you did everything correct, you should have a horizontal list of field headings.

One product should be in one row. If you need to edit existing products don’t forget about required fields: Product ID, Product Name, Product Description, Price. It is really hard to force users to populate some these values in the .csv file manually, before importing.

If you need to import .csv products for a different language version you have to include the ID field, the name field and all the fields that have translations. Fields, that have say numeric values, should be reading your default language data anyway, so it is not necessary to include them.

Now when you are well-informed about PrestaShop .csv import details, you can easily transfer your data with File2Cart. Only six simple steps and your .csv data will be successfully transferred to your PrestaShop store:

1. Register an account on File2Cart website. For more convenience you can log in with your existing Google or Facebook account.
2. Fill in your Cart type, name and URL. Then to connect your store with the server download Connection Bridge. To find more info and a video tutorial visit this page.
3. Select the entities you want to import and upload your .csv file.
4. After that you will have to pass field mapping.
5. For your convenience and safety you can perform the Demo Import of 10 products. It is possible to skip this option, but it is highly recommended to perform it just to ensure that the service works fine.
6. Now check the results on your PrestaShop store and start your Full Import!!!

And that’s it! Start your import to PrestaShop right now and you will not regret.

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