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OpenCart Opens Its Doors for Business

OpenCart is a free open source e-commerce solution that is based on PHP and MySQL. It is pretty famous around the world with the community of over 46 000 members. It can provide customers with a lot of beneficial features and a great number of tools.

So, let’s see deeper to what OpenCart can offer.

Business with No Limits

OpenCart impresses with its opportunities in content management. It is not a problem for a store owner to add unlimited products and match them to multiple categories. This shopping cart also supports multiple manufacturers.
What is more, OpenCart can help you to bring your business to an international level as it offers you to use multiple currencies and languages. The information about products can be displayed in different languages, and this can definitely expand the audience of potential customers.
Moreover, OpenCart supports multi-store. This means that you can simply manage several online stores from one admin panel and save time for other activity.

Easy Checkout

The checkout in OpenCart is very simple. It consists of six steps, but every step is clear and simple to pass. What is important is that the page doesn’t reload, everything is going on within one page.

Versatile Shipping and Payment Method

The other thing that a purchaser will appreciate is the multiple payment and shipping methods. There are over 20 payment gateways, among them are PayPal, WorldPay, PayPoint, SagePay, etc.. The shipping can be done through more than 10 services such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail and much more.

OpenCart SEO Possibilities

OpenCart has basic SEO features. It allows to use product and category meta tags, keywords, html sitemap of your store and SEO URLs. All this will help you make your online shop more visible to search engines.

Intuitive Admin Panel

The back-office of OpenCart is very simple and user-friendly. Everything takes the right place, so it is very easy to navigate through it. The product management is pretty powerful and it allows you to manually add a new product and edit it. What wasn’t found is how to import to OpenCart products, categories and other entities. To do this you need to install different add ons or perform this with File2Cart. All you need is to register and try a free demo import of your csv, xls, txt or xml to OpenCart.
This e-commerce solution supports an option of automated image resize. It will economize your time and you can add and edit images much faster.
With OpenCart backend you can easily manage your orders, customers, customer groups, gift vouchers, coupons and other, because it can be easily found in the menu.
Browsing the reports, you will always know, what your customers often buy, how much money do you get for it, how much orders you have and many more.

In the End

OpenCart is a very powerful e-commerce platform. It possesses many valuable features from payment gateways to SEO. If you can’t find a feature that is very important for you, don’t forget there are a lot of extensions developed to suit all your needs.

With File2Cart you just need to register and OpenCart import from csv, xml, xls and txt files will become easier!

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