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Why to Choose Magento?

A lot of store owners use Magento to run their online business. But why so many people choose it? If your business is growing - Magento can be a good decision for you. Some famous Magento adopters are: Christian Louboutin, OfficeMax, K-Swiss, The North Face, etc.

Magento shopping cart has three editions:

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
The Community edition is open source software, so you can easily download it for free. The Professional and Enterprise editions offer more features and more support.


Magento shopping cart definitely has the most features of all open source e-Commerce software. Magento is almost more of a framework than a piece of software. There are a lot of useful features that will help you control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel, analyze your store, create new customer or select existing customer and view shopping cart, etc. Another plus of Magento is that this shopping cart is multi-lingual.


Basically, Magento was created for serious and large businesses and its administration requires special skills. So if you want to use Magento, it is better for you to be or hire a highly skilled PHP programmer. This shopping cart has a very complicated coding style and thousands of files. It takes a lot of time to learn all the features and possibilities of Magento. All this will make customization two to five times more expensive than it would be with other carts.


Magento comes with a large library of templates. Installation of Magento themes is a great and cheap way to get a really professional looking website.


Magento has a high-quality multi-lingual support. So all the Magento users can rely on the call center and ask their questions using special forms. Also Magento users have an online forum where they can communicate with each other, ask questions and get help from other users.


Magento has got a lot of features and extensions that help Magento users to improve their online store and put their business to a higher level.
Magento store isn’t meant for small and medium sized businesses. It’s meant for large companies. So if you have a serious and large business - Magento shopping cart could be one of the best decisions for you to set up your online store.

Import to Magento Store is Easy!

So if you decided to import your data to Magento, File2Cart can simplify one of the aspects of Magento management - import and updates of your products in Magento database.
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