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Excel Import to Your Magento Store Is Not a Problem

Every time Magento users want to import Excel file with products and other entities to their store database, they face one big problem. XLS (or XLSX) is not supported by the built-in Magento import tool.

Usually you convert xls to csv and import a converted file to your store database or you can add all products manually. Or are there some other ways to import Excel to Magento? Let’s see.

CSV and XLS Formatting

As Magento users know, the most commonly used import file format is csv. It can be done from Magento back-office and with great number of different add-ons. But every moon has a dark side. The most important thing while working with csv is to keep it properly formatted. The majority of problems with import are caused by a wrong file structure.

The csv requirements are to be strictly complied to. You should ensure that every row ends in \r and \n, so that the products were properly separated. Moreover, to identify what is product name and what its products description the field delimiter is needed. It is also a very important aspect of csv formatting and there are a lot of other requirements for csv.

Despite the fact that CSV is a very widespread filetype, XLS (or XLSX) file also has a number of advantages. You can simply add all needed data to the table and you will never be confused. You don’t need to add different symbols such as \r or \n and no field delimiters.

Let’s consider possible ways of import excel to Magento.

Excel Import

Magento Excel import is a pretty difficult procedure. Experienced Magento store owners don’t convert their xls files to a csv as the difference in formatting can cause import problems.

In turn, File2Cart recently has announced about a possibility to import Excel files to your Magento store. If you want to import your xls file you need to check the formatting. Your file should have one product in one row, four necessary fields: Product Name, Product ID, Products Description and Price. Also make sure that the number of fields in the first row is equal to the number of fields in other rows. It’s not difficult, as requirements for xls (xlsx) are less demanding.

If you decided to perform import of your Excel file to Magento right now, just pass the fast registration and try FREE Demo import. Be sure you will forget about errors and problems while Magento Excel import.

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