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Solve 7 Common PrestaShop Import Problems Faster!

One of the most problematic aspects of PrestaShop store management is its data import. People face different kinds of problems while performing data update or import to PrestaShop. To solve all these issues you need to look through numerous threads on forums or waste long time finding the solution somewhere else on the net.

Don’t waste your time and find the resolution of 7 most common problems of PrestaShop import here.


If you have the trouble with image import, i.e. your images don’t show up or ‘does not exist’ error, be very attentive to your file name and its extension. It is better that image filename does not have symbols like @, #, ^, _, *, &, etc. and file format was written in a proper way.

e.g. img_1.jpg > img1.jpg
img.gpj > img.jpg

Give a proper link to the image in your CSV file and make sure all images are in one folder!

e.g. (host_name)/image_folder/image.png > \image.png


If you have multiple values, that is not a problem any more. All you need to do is to write a line in your CSV file:


your_product;../img/one.jpg,../img/two.jpg,three.jpg;129.90 if images are saved in root directory.

one.jpg    |
two.jpg    | three values of Image URLs field
three.jpg  |

With File2Cart you can import additional images from main or separate image fields. If all image URLs are written in one field, make sure the delimiter is properly placed. Right formatting will make your import more fluent.


If your products have some additional features (size and color) you can have trouble with field mapping. Your product in CSV:

product_id;product_name;product_price;68;green (68 - size, green - color)

To perform its proper import to PrestaShop, you should do the standard import procedure in back office. On the stage of mapping fields select ‘feature’ for ‘size’. Then type the name ‘size’ in the box opened below and it will be shown instead of ‘feature’. Do the same with ‘color’ and continue your import.

In File2Cart Import Wizard you will be able to map these fields even faster and easier. You don’t need to write anything, just choose the field you need and map it with your field.


To prevent the Error 500 during PrestaShop data import you have three ways. This error can be caused by:

- server timeout
You need to change PHP memory, etc. You can find these settings in php.ini file or ask your host provider to change the limits.

- file permissions
Check whether files and folders are set 755. Nowadays, many hosts block 777 files, so it is one of the causes.

- incorrect syntax in .htaccess file.
If above mentioned ways don’t work, the problem can be caused by .htaccess file. Try to delete it to see whether the error is caused by it, then recreate it from PrestaShop. (Don’t forget to have a backup of original .htaccess file)

So, it is better to set 755 permissions not to face this problem. As the import with File2Cart is held on Amazon EC2 servers other errors don't influence the process.


If you have ‘name is empty’ error, try to check your meta-keywords. This field can cause problems with import because of a wrong formatting.


Sometimes PrestaShop, while importing products, can insert a comma into every column name. It looks like ‘,product_name’ instead of ‘product_name’

e.g. ,Telephone > Telephone
,$18 > $18

To resolve this issue you can replace commas with dots or blanks. To do this you can use this string:

PCheckComma B DCheckComma PI /Free Wk_Pos = %Scan(',':Wk_Field); Dow Wk_Pos > 0 ; Wk_Field = %Replace(' ':Wk_Field:Wk_Pos) ; Wk_Pos = *Zeros ; Wk_Pos = %Scan(',':Wk_Field); EndDo ; /End-free PCheckComma EWk_Field

This is a problem of PrestaShop built-in import. In case you use File2Cart you will never see the other additional symbols that interfere you to import data properly.


One of the most vital formatting problems, that occurred while preparing a csv file, is that people use Category ID 1. The problem can be solved very easily: Category ID should begin from number 2.

The matter is that ID1 is used to identify the ‘Home’ category of PrestaShop and it is recommended not to put any products under ID1 Category.

So, these are the most common problems that store owners encounter while performing their PrestaShop import of products. To avoid some of these errors try FREE Demo Import with File2Cart that allows you to move your data from excel, csv, xml and txt files right to your PrestaShop store.

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