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Set Up Your Import Right Now with File2Cart

If you want to make your import process simpler than ever before, File2Cart is for you. With this automated online service you can import all the necessary entities just in a few hours!
Here you will find a detailed step-by-step instruction on how you can easily set up your data import process with File2Cart.

1. Register an account

First of all you need to register an account. For more convenience you can sign in with your existing google or facebook account. It will take you only a few seconds.
After that just log in to your File2Cart account and click on Create Data Import tab within your admin panel.

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2. Set Up Target Shopping Cart

Here you have to specify the details about your cart. This would include the type of your shopping cart and its URL. Also at a reasonable additional cost File2Cart gives you an Assisted Import Service. Its a group of engineers that may set up the import process instead of you. This service will take care of the many aspects of your product import.

Before proceeding, make sure to download and set up the Connection Bridge. (To see the detailed instruction on how to download and install connection bridge, watch a video tutorial).

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3. Select your entities

Choose the entities you want to import, e.g. products, images, manufacturers, etc. provide a URL of your datafile, choose import options. After that you have to choose how to import your data. You can import your data from URL or you can upload a file containing data that will be imported to your store.

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4. Map the fields

From the drop-down list you need to map fields in your source file to the corresponding product fields on the target cart.
After that you can check the entities chosen for the process. As long as everything is fine, you can start to retrieve the resources.

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Try out the Free Demo Import of 10 products/customers to see File2Cart in action. You can skip this option, if you want, but it is recommended to perform it just to ensure service accuracy.

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5. Confirm and Start Full Import

Now you can start your Full Data Import. You have a choice between One-time or Scheduled Import.

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One-time Import allows you to transfer all the data at once within the shortest time. Scheduled Data Import gives the opportunity to update catalogue weekly or daily and specify the hours when you want the service to import products to your store. For more information on how to set up your Scheduled import read here.

When everything is done, you can check out the results on your updated store!

And that’s all. Simple, isn’t it? So don’t wait up! Make your import faster and simpler with File2Cart right now!

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