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How to Resolve Your PrestaShop Product Import Problems

If you want to perform your PrestaShop import in a right way and without errors, File2Cart can help you to do that. Unfortunately sometimes PrestaShop store owners can meet some difficulties during the import process. Now let’s take a look at some common problems you may encounter during the import to your PrestaShop store.

“...does not exist” errors

The most common PrestaShop import problem looks like this.
After importing your products to your store you get the message that “image does not exist" (image, file, etc). Usually the problem is in the right format of images. You have to save them in this way - /image.jpg or /image.png. And also make sure that your import file has a prepending slash for the image.

When you click on Manufactures Tab right after the import process it says “Tab doesn’t exist”. If you face this problem you have to go to Tools, then Tabs and click the Edit button in the Actions column.
Then check what Class is set to. It should be set to "AdminManufacturers". After everything is done just make sure that admin/tabs/AdminManufacturers.php is uploaded correctly.
And that’s it.

Duplicated data

Another problem is duplicated products. If you are importing the products that already exist in your catalogue, be prepared that they will be duplicated. To avoid this mistake you have to be sure that you are importing your products to an empty catalogue. Or just make sure that you are not importing the products that are already placed in your store.

But File2Cart gives you an opportunity to update all the existing products. The only thing is that products ID or SKU should be the same both in the store and in the file. You can update the rest of the information choosing the appropriate option in File2Cart Import Wizard.

“Impossible to upload the images”

Also one the most common problems is “impossible to upload the images”. This error happens when a store owner creates a new product. But when he tries to save the product, the uploaded images just disappear.
To fix this firstly try to upgrade a new version of PrestaShop. If it doesn’t work just save configuration after uploading images, and also make sure that remove checkbox is unchecked when you save configuration.

“Cannot be saved”

Sometimes during the product import you can get a lot of “Cannot be saved” errors. It happens when you are importing .CSV files.
Firstly, you have to put ; as a delimiter. It is very important. Don’t forget about delimiters. And also remember that all the images have to be in the upload folder.

So if you want to avoid errors File2Cart will give you this opportunity! Perform a smooth import with this automated online import service. With File2Cart you don’t need to bother about troubles in your PrestaShop product import process.

Register now and have a fast, secure and error-free PrestaShop product import with File2Cart!

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