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Five Most Common Magento Image Import Problems

Magento store owners dream about swift and error-free image import. But everyone knows that people are not almighty, especially when dealing with Magento. And everyone time after time makes mistakes and faces different troubles.
Here you will find a list of the most common Magento image import problems and the solutions to them. Here we go!!!

Problem №1

The first problem usually happens when you want to import Magento images from .CSV file, but when import is started you get this type of error - (Skip import row, required field "sku" not defined). The solution is very simple. In most cases your .CSV file has to be saved in UTF-8 format. It is very important!

  • You have to be sure that all your fields are filled in Excel or Open Office Calc.
  • Then create and edit a copy of your original .CSV file.
  • Save the file as CSV.
  • Open the file with a text editor.
  • Go to File and after that - Save As. Your filename should end with “.csv”
  • Under Save as type select All files.
  • Under Encoding you just have to select UTF-8 and save the file - Save the file.
And that’s it.

Problem №2

Also one of the most common problems is that your images are not displayed in the Internet Explorer. It means that you use CMYK color scheme of the images. Internet Explorer doesn’t support it. So in this situation you have to convert all your pictures to RGB color scheme and everything will work fine.

Problem №3

Sometimes during the image import process you can get this type of error - "Image does not exist." Usually it happens when you images are not saved in the right way. To fix it you also have to make sure that your images are placed in the "media/import" folder in your "Store" folder on the Server. If they are not, it is necessary to do that. Also you have to make sure that your import file has a prepending slash for the image. All of them have to be saved in .jpg or .png format ( /image.jpg or /image.png).

Problem №4

The other type of problem looks like this. Store Owner has two websites set up. He uploads images to the first website, they appear on both (front and back) ends. Everything works fine. But when he uploads or imports images to the other website, they appear only on the backend.
Basically, there are a few solutions for this problem:

  • First of all think about the parameters of your images. So if you use big images, try to increase “memory_limit” in your “php.ini” file;
  • Make sure your /media folder is writeable;
  • Also you can delete the cache and rebuild indexes.
So these are the main solutions for this problem.

Problem №5

And the last but not the least trouble - impossible to upload the images. Sometimes it happens when a store owner wants to create a new product, he can upload the images without any problem. But when he tries to save the product, the uploaded images just disappear, as if they had never been uploaded.

First of all try to upgrade a new version of Magento. If it doesn’t work just save configuration after uploading images, and also make sure that remove checkbox is unchecked when you save configuration.

Easy solution for all problems

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