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What Import possibilities do the best shopping carts offer?

All shopping carts have different import possibilities with both advantages and disadvantages. And it’s not a secret that every store owner needs and wants to know everything about the import possibilities of his shopping cart.

So let’s talk about data import features that best shopping carts offer us. We’ll start with one of the most popular platforms - Magento.

As everybody knows, Magento is one of the most widespread shopping carts. With this platform you have a possibility to import your product images, your product stock levels and customer data from and to .csv or .xml files.
For other objects to transfer, Magento doesn't support import/export of data without a special customization. For example, you can import data to Magento with a help of import/export tool.

Also you can perform import depending on your needs. It means that you have to use different modules to import necessary data. If you need to import all the data in bulk - you can use a special module that will help you to do that. If you want to import only images - you have to use another one. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and usually a lot of money.

With PrestaShop you can import seven types of data: categories, products, versions, customers, addresses, manufacturers and suppliers. Imported data must be in .txt file, using a .csv-based format and .csv file extension.
PrestaShop gives you an opportunity to import bulk data. For more import features you can hire a programmer or use additional PrestaShop import modules that this cart offers you.

Data import to OpenCart is not very difficult because this platform has its own modules that will help you to import all the necessary .csv data. For each import operation this shopping cart offers you different module. They are pretty useful, but the majority of these modules cost money, however there are a few free modules. The thing is that you don’t have any guarantee that everything will work fine.

As for CS-Cart import, you can transfer only .csv files. It has some additional modules that will help you to transfer all the necessary data. But just to try to find CS-Cart module that will help you to import everything you need in a very small period of time and besides won’t cost a lot of money. You won’t find such module, you can be sure.
You can transfer a great deal of data - from language variables to product images.
For your convenience CS-Cart offers a wide range of settings. You can choose a .csv delimiter and the language in which you will transfer the data.

Import/export options are not included in VirtueMart shopping cart. But you have got a possibility to do that thanks to Joomla support. You can use them only like additional options to import csv files. One of the minuses of these options are errors. There is always a chance to get error during the VirtueMart import process. These errors can cause data losses and other difficulties. You don’t have any guarantee that all these services will work fine. So you’re just buying a pig in a poke.
At this moment you are asking yourself - “So what do I have to do? How to avoid errors, losses of my data, my time and my money?” Relax, there is a solution!!!

Kill two birds with one stone

All shopping carts have got different import possibilities but, probably, they won’t meet all your needs. You have an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, save your time and your money. There is a service that will improve your import process. It is called File2Cart. It is an automated service, so you don’t have to hire a programmer to do everything by yourself and spend a lot of money on his work.
File2Cart imports from .txt, .xml, .csv and Excel to any of the shopping cart mentioned in this article and even more. It is amazingly fast. Try Free Demo Import of 10 entities to see File2Cart in action. You can import all the necessary data just in a couple of hours!!!
So don’t waste your chance to improve your import process and make your online store better!!!

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