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How to Set Up Scheduled Import in File2Cart?

Timely update is vital for smooth performance of your store. Product information is constantly changing, that’s why you need to update item assortment and availability, prices, categories and on and on.

If you have a lot of entities, it is a very laborious process to update each of them manually. File2Cart, in turn, offers you Scheduled Data Import. Using it makes you forget about sitting and importing data by yourself every day or week. Let’s see what you can do to succeed in updating your store database automatically with File2Cart.

Are There Any Special File Requirements?

  1. To use Scheduled Import you need to provide your file from URL.
  2. The most important thing is that files must have ANSI as UTF-8 encoding. If it does you will have no problems with Scheduled import process.
  3. CSV and XLS file types should have 1 product and all its attributes placed in one row.
  4. XML file should have 1 products and its attributes placed in one feed.
  5. A data file you provide for update must always have the same structure for the service to identify every field right.

How to Set Up Scheduled Data Import?

To find out the price before import you can visit Pricing page. You can choose the type of file you want to import, type of target cart and number of entities you need to be imported. Then choose Scheduled Daily/Weekly Import and check the days your data will be updated on. Press “Get the Estimate”

Scheduled Import

The results will appear immediately. You will see all info about the import you want to perform: recommended plan, price, number of entities and number of updates that you have chosen.

Scheduled Import

If this meets your requirements, you can immediately set up your scheduled store catalogue update. To begin the Scheduled Import you need to register your account. It is not very difficult, especially when you can sign in with your Google and Facebook account.

Scheduled Import

Then you will need to provide your shopping cart type and URL, download and install connection bridge. (To see the detailed instruction on how to download and install connection bridge, you can watch a video tutorial.)

Scheduled Import

Choose entities you want to import, provide a URL of your datafile, choose import options.
Note: Using Scheduled Import you can clear the current data only for the first time!!!

Scheduled Import

During the next step you will need to match the fields.

Scheduled Import

After the fields are mapped you will see the info about import. Press “Retrieve resources” button.

Scheduled Import

All data will be checked after import

Scheduled Import

After the procedure is done, you will see the results on this page

Scheduled Import

You can start demo import to see how the service works or skip it. Press “Confirm Demo Import”

Scheduled Import

If you decided to try Demo Import press “Confirm” button and watch the process online

Scheduled Import

After Demo Import is done you need to press Order Scheduled Import.

Scheduled Import

Choose the plan that suits you best and press Subscribe.

Scheduled Import

Fill in the form and start the process.

Scheduled Import

What Plan Is Suitable For Me?

The choice of the plan depends on how many entities you need to update. Let’s see what every plan can offer.

  • Basic - this plan will let you update the database that consists of 1,000 entities or less.
  • Standard - if you have up to 10,000 products, you can use this plan to update data daily, weekly or monthly!
  • Premium - update up to 50,000 entities for reasonable price.
  • Enterprise - use this plan to regularly import unlimited number of entities to your store catalogue.

Find more info on plans and pricing here: https://www.file2cart.com/app/estimator

Start your Scheduled Import right now and free yourself from all the worries about your store database updates!

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