Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
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How to Import to PrestaShop?

It is very important to keep your PrestaShop store database timely updated. Everybody knows that the process of import and updating is very responsible task. Without a doubt, no one wants to face any kind of nuisances concerning data moving. In this article you will read about the peculiarities of PrestaShop import that will help you make the import swifter and simpler.

Interview with PrestaShop

PrestaShop Import is a very interesting theme to dwell on. So, let’s imagine that PrestaShop is a real person and interview him.

Interviewer: Please, tell us about your import possibilities? What should people use to import their data? Can you perform import by yourself?
PrestaShop: As I understand the great importance of updating store database, I always try to help in it. So, of course, I can perform import by myself. There is a special option in my administration panel that can import different entities. You need to go to Back Office > Tools > Import.

Interviewer: What exactly can you import with your built-in Import option?
PrestaShop: I can import such entities as: products, categories, versions, customers, addresses, manufacturers and suppliers. I hope that in prospect this list will grow.

Interviewer: What file types do you support for import?
PrestaShop: I support only CSV. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to work with XML or TXT files. Frankly speaking, I would like to improve my knowledge of CSV. For now I can identify only semicolon (;) as a separator inside CSV file. I wish I understood other symbols, for instance, comma too. That is the issue I should refine in future.

Interviewer: So, what users usually do, if they receive XML file from a supplier?
PrestaShop: Usually they find the way to solve this problem using add-ons or writing their own PHP scripts.

Interviewer: What about the procedure of import itself? How it works?
PrestaShop: Speaking briefly, you need to upload data file, select a type of entity to import and separators. Then you need to match the fields.

Interviewer: Select a type of entity? Does it mean that people can’t import several types of entity at the same time?
PrestaShop: Yes, unfortunately. They can import only one entity type per session. Fact is that a store owner, while using my import option, needs to select a type that he wants to import. I cannot offer multiple type import, for instance, products and categories at the same time, but I really hope that this also will be refined.

Interviewer: OK. Let’s suppose that a merchant has done all needed actions? What’s next?
PrestaShop: He needs to upload the file and match fields. Doing this merchants will not have problems, as the process is very simple. The only thing is that saving can take a little time. It depends on how large your file is.

So, as we can see, PrestaShop product import is not a difficult procedure. Surely, PrestaShop imports images, manufacturers and other entities but there are few vices that can impede data import.

What File2Cart can offer

Compared to PrestaShop Import option

  1. People, who use File2Cart can import not only CSV, but also XML and TXT files to PrestaShop.
  2. If you use CSV there is no need to put only semicolon as a separator. The comma is also appropriate to the service.
  3. You can import all types of entities you need at the same time just mapping all necessary fields before the main process of PrestaShop Import.

Some other features

To start using File2Cart you need to register (i.e. to fill in 4 fields or sign in with your Google or Facebook account). Further you can select entities, map fields and after that the service will check whether all data is properly adjusted. One thing you should do is to enjoy your data is automatically imported to your PrestaShop store. Even if you don’t have time you can close your browser and the service will do everything correctly. Moreover, File2Cart has an option that allows to update existing database. The service can do it automatically once, daily, weekly or monthly.

So, pass through the fast registration and start your FREE Demo Import to PrestaShop right now!

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Cart2Cart  Wonderful product. Save a lot of time. Cart2Cart
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Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 14 March 2012
Percy Jackson