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What to Do to Succeed with VirtueMart Import?

“What do I need to import the data to my store?”, you can ask. The answer is pretty obvious: when you need to import new or update the existing products, customers, etc., you need a file containing all the necessary data. CSV file is the most used in such situations. The next step is to import data file into your VirtueMart store. Sounds easy, but how the process is performed in fact?

There are several suggestions to simplify the data import and make everything go plain and straight.

Check if .CSV File Is Properly Formatted

Sometimes there occurs an error with .csv file because of duplicate product codes. You will need to fix the problem for better import performance. Here Excel comes in handy with its Conditional Formatting. Use =COUNTIF($A:$A,A1)>1 formula to find the duplicated codes.

Once, there exists a character limit be sure you don’t exceed it. It is not very serious issue but it will take a bit more time if the error occurs. You will be shown the place where the limit is exceeded. All you need is to reopen your .csv, find where is the mistake, reduce the number of characters and import it one more time.

Be sure comma is separating only values. It is better not to use comma, for example, in text of description or in price. This can cause an error and can take long hours to find what comma is excess.

Import .CSV to your VirtueMart

Now, when your csv. file is ready you can import it to your VirtueMart store. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to check whether everything is alright. After you are sure in it, start importing your .csv file!

Joomla possesses a built-in import tool. The process is pretty time consuming but you know it is done. So, you need to choose the fields that are given in your .csv and check if their names match. It will take pretty long time if you have a lot of fields as it should be done manually. After that you need to save the changes in Joomla. If you have unnecessary fields left you can check and disable them after saving. The next step is the long-awaited import of your .csv into Joomla import tool. It’s really not a fast process.

File2Cart allows to save your time and make the import faster. All you need to do is to register, set up your store details, download Connection Bridge and upload your .csv file.

The registration is very fast and simple. You need to fill in your E-Mail address, First and Last Name, Password. If you have an account on Google or Facebook you can easily log in using it. After that you can start the import, choosing VirtueMart, providing platform name and store URL. What you need more is to download and install connection bridge to your store.

Select the entities you want to import and map fields. After these easy steps service will automatically check the imported data. Import stage has a progress bar, so the you see that everything’s alright. After that just confirm the import and that’s all!

If, due to some circumstances, you can not perform the import yourself, you can request Assisted Data Import. Support engineers will do everything for you. If you need to update data you can use Scheduled Import. Enjoy your data automatically updated daily, weekly or monthly!

Data import is held on Amazon Elastic Cloud servers so you can even close your browser after the import began. Before performing the full process you can try Free Demo Import that will ensure you that service works properly.

As you see data import requires lots of effort. File2Cart makes the process much faster and easier!

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