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Magento Image Import. Simple as ABC

Imagine yourself entering a supermarket where all the products are replaced with a piece of paper with detailed product description. You may buy anything you want but you will get it only at home. Would you buy even a pair of socks there? I don’t think so. Now you understand the importance of product image on your web store. Surveys claim that ordinary user will stay at product page only for a few seconds if they won’t get interested in something. Picture gallery may attract customers attention and provoke them to buy an item. People want to see what they are paying for not only read about this.

Therefore, you will probably agree that images are vital element of your web shop success. So, what types of images and advantages connected with them can you get from one of the world’s most popular shopping cart Magento? Thumbnail, small and base images Magento provides its customers with three basic types of images: thumbnail, small and base.

Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of picture image.

Magento uses them in the thumbnail gallery and in some blocks such as Related Items. Small pictures are used for the product images in listings on category and search results pages. The base image is the main image of each product and it is displayed on the item detail page. It is possible to upload a single image and assign it to all three types. Picture zoom is also available. With that you get a wide opportunities for creating galleries of your products to attract your customer.

Image import: common errors and mistakes

Most of data is imported to Magento from .csv, .xml or .txt files. These formats are commonly used and considered to be the most convenient to work with. Despite Magento offers a number of opportunities during the process of import some mistakes may occur. Many users complain about image import troubles.

Wrong gateway to catalog with pictures. The Devil is in the detail, double-check all the details. It is very likely that you will handle the problem.

Images are not displayed in the Internet Explorer (IE) neither in front end nor back end. Most likely you use CMYK color scheme of the images. IE doesn’t support that, you need to convert all your pictures to RGB color scheme.

Of course, sometimes you have to deal with other problems that require a good technical expertise to fix them. For example, another common mistake is that images are shown in back end, but are not displayed on the front end. There are a few possible options to solve this problem. You may need to adjust cache settings or check if your hosting installed and configured GD library on your server. Some other solutions are also available. However, if nothing helps you may try to disable safe mode on your server. It is not recommended but sometimes it works.

Alternative way to import

Usually users use import modules software but it doesn't save them from mentioned above problems. So, frankly speaking, you are paying your money for product that does not always work in appropriate way. An alternative option that will help you to avoid bugs instead of endlessly fixing them is File2Cart. It is an online automated service that can import product data including images very accurately. It can be easily used by common users who does not have technical knowledge base. Just register on the website and conduct import process.

Don't lose an opportunity to improve your store’s visual content. Nice design and images can open new horizons for your business. Save your money, time and efforts. Try Free Demo Import to see File2Cart in action. Just let this service manage Magento images import for you and you will feel the difference immediately.

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